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The articles that follow are a collection of posts that are informative, rather than focusing on a news items.  Feel free to link to them.

For clients

From witness to suspect

Mortgage insurance companies use private investigators to kick-off prosecutions

A good defense requires money, a good attorney and a plan

A Federal criminal investigation is like open-heart surgery

Examination Under Oath: How the Insurance Company Will Set You Up

When the FBI knocks, call an attorney

Mortgage fraud is heating up, time to lawyer up now

Call the police at the first sign of trouble, or else!

Don’t allow your attorney to sit around and do nothing. 

What is a proffer session and what should you do?

For lawyers

My advice to other attorneys, never let your clients talk

Should you put your client on the stand?

Under Investigation?

What is a proffer session and what should you do?

Responding to a Federal Office of Inspector General (OIG) Subpoena

How to deal with a demand for inspection

Securities Fraud

Lawyers must scrutinize all documents associated with a securities fraud investigation

Misrepresentations without intent to cause loss is enough for securities fraud

Call an attorney before responding to an SEC subpoena

Child Pornography

Defenses to receiving child pornography must take into account all facts

Possession of child pornography is a lesser included offense of receipt of child pornography 

Mortgage Fraud

Understanding Mortgage Fraud for Lawyers

Unemployment Fraud

Unemployment fraud investigations on the rise in New Jersey: confusion and bad information likely cause

Insurance Fraud

Examination Under Oath: How the Insurance Company Will Set You Up

Credit Card Fraud

Defending Credit Card Fraud Conspiracy Charges

Articles/Posts that quote me or mention the blog

The FBI Raids Miami Birth Center: the Mommy Blawg

The $8.5 Million Fraud Case: My Physical Therapy Space

Expert Blogs: Loose Lips Sink…Trials?: IMS Expert Services

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