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A Federal criminal investigation is like open-heart surgery June 9, 2009

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If you read my entire blog from back to front, I must seem like a broken record.  I feel the need to repeat myself because I keep seeing people that just don’t get it.  If any law enforcement agency is coming after you, it is serious business.  However, if the Federal government is looking at you, it is incredibly serious business.  If you get charged, there is a great chance you will be convicted.  If you are suspected of a white collar crime, it is likely that you come from a middle-class or better background.  Thus, if convicted, you stand to lose everything.

As a result, I view some cases like emergency open-heart surgery.  Your life is on the line and I have to do everything in my power to keep the patient alive.  In addition, if you were facing such a surgery, you would do anything and everything to stay alive.  However, some people just don’t get this.  They tell me that they don’t have the money for a big, aggressive defense.  But of course, they have credit cards, a house with equity, nice cars and various other possessions that can be sold.   Of course, they won’t find this money because they don’t view the case as that serious.  Instead, it seems like some clients convince themselves that everything will be ok. 

Problem is, once things go south, it is tough to put the toothpaste back in the tube.  At some point, probably when they are sitting in prison, they think about all of their belongings and how useless they are now that their life is ruined.  I can only hope that someone reads my blog before they make the wrong choice and so they hire a good attorney that actually has a plan.  It may cost a lot of money and you may have to  change your lifestyle, but you cannot put a price on freedom and liberty.


1. benjaminwright - July 6, 2009

Watch this trend: Electronic records like e-mail and text messages are revolutionizing white collar investigations. http://legal-beagle.typepad.com/wrights_legal_beagle/2009/07/edd-analytics-and-interpretation-tools.html –Ben

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