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Don’t allow your attorney to sit around and do nothing. October 21, 2009

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Some attorneys don’t realize that criminal charges can seriously impact the lives of the clients and their family members.  I’ve seen too many recent cases that are getting out of control because an attorney sat around and did nothing.  As an attorney, you are limited in what you can do right away.  However, an attorney should be able to do a decent amount of work before charges are filed.  I’ll give you a few examples.

Client that called me this week is involved in a pretty big investigation out west.  She hired one attorney that took her money and did nothing.  So, she hired another attorney.  This attorney seems to be doing nothing.  The client  wants to hire a private investigator which is a great idea.  It’s sad that she had to come up with that idea.  The case has gone on for a year and nothing has been done.  So, she called me and it looks like I’m going to be flown out there to sort all this out before it gets messy.

Another client I had received a letter from the NJ Attorney General’s Office.  Her attorney made a few calls and then the AG’s office went away.  Her attorney then did nothing for an entire year!  So, she was rather upset when a subpoena came in the mail asking for a ton of files.  So, they worked on their investigation over the year while her attorney let the file collect dust.  She then hired me to get something done.

Another client who hired me off this blog had an attorney in another state who was helping him deal with an investigation here in NJ.  His business was actually raided and just about everything that wasn’t nailed down was taken.  His business manager was arrested.  Was anything done after that?  No.  So, he hires me.  Three hours later he is arrested before I can even get in the office to open the file and make some calls.

I can go on and on.  The common theme in these cases is that these attorneys get money  for nothing.  They have no plan, no ideas and there is no effort made to avoid arrest.  We handle many cases (click on the big wins link at the top of this page) where we can help our clients avoid arrest by working hard.  Of course, this takes time and money but I can assure you that the price of working to avoid arrest is much,

So if you are involved in any type of investigation your attorney cannot rely on hope that the case will just go away.  After all, are you paying your attorney just so they can wish your case away?  Can’t you do that on your own for free?  Of course, these cases usually only go away if they are made to go away.  If you think its time to switch attorneys or you want me to come on board the case to act  as a consultant to quarterback the case (regardless of the location), just give me a call.


1. Jerry - October 22, 2009

Pro Hac Vice – different criminal laws practiced in another state…

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