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My advice to other attorneys, never let your clients talk February 25, 2009

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I can’t really discuss what I have been through this week; at least not yet.  However, I began to think, what lawyer lets their client just run at the mouth and blab to  the police?  I’ve done this once and this worked out great for me.   However, it was rare case.  I assume there are plenty of lawyers that do this because if no one did it, cops would  never ask.  Of course, I use the word cops to cover, all State and Federal law enforcement.

My guess is that there are some really stupid lawyers out there that either don’t practice criminal law or shouldn’t be doing so but they find themselves in a case and the cop says this or that and they fall for it. 

Let me make a few things clear.  I know a lot of great cops, so I’m not anti-cop.  However, cops can and do lie to everyone, including lawyers.  If they say they want to work things out with you and possibly avoid criminal charges, shouldn’t they show you everything?  However, they will probably show you nothing and tell you next to nothing.  What are they hiding?  Chances are, they have no case and are afraid to tell you. If you were in a civil case, would you let your client be deposed without discovery being completed?  Of course not.  So why do it here?   If you do not know what you are doing, refer the case to someone who does.  You’ll get a nice referral fee and the client will be protected.


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