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Mortgage fraud is heating up, time to lawyer up now April 14, 2009

Posted by tsclaw2209 in My Cases.
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Just in the last few months, I’ve noticed an increase in mortgage fraud cases and investigations.  Some of these cases are older and some may be simply sloppy business practices, not actual crime.  However, I believe the powers that be (i.e.  politicians) have sent down word that the public wants these people to burn.  Thus, the focus has gone from the mafia to terrorism to mortgage fraud.

Anyone who in any way connected to the mortgage industry and has received a subpoena, a civil suit, a request to give a statement by law enforcement or any other sign of possible criminal activity is strongly urged to speak to an attorney as soon as possible.  If the attorney tells you that there is nothing you can do until you are charged, you may want to see someone else.

My fear is that anything that is slightly off will be looked at as criminal activity thus ensnaring a lot of innocent people.   Most of these people may call an attorney after it is too late.


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