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June 29, 2017

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Health care fraud is becoming a major issue.  The FBI has cracked down on health care fraud including but not limited to drug compounding.  Expect many people to be arrested.   If you have received a letter, you need to act quickly.   Our team of tough, smart health care fraud defense lawyers can help defend you against these allegations.  There are defenses available to avoid arrest. If you get a letter about a “investigation of health care fraud” call us right away. The letter may start like this “This office has received information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that you have been involved in violations of federal laws that prohibit health care fraud, namely Title 18 United States Code, Sections 1347 and 1349.” Before you say or do anything, call our team of tough, smart lawyers.  We have the experience with these cases to help defend you.  Call us at 1-855-9-JEFLAW

Hearings On Medicaid And Medicare Fraud March 29, 2012

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E. Providence RI- A recent hearing on Medicaid and Medicare fraud was held by US Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.  Sen. Whitehouse is sitting as the panel chairman.  Healthcare fraud has been made a priority by the US Justice System.

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New Orleans Man Arrested for Health Care Fraud February 13, 2010

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LIONEL PERKINS, JR. a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana was arrested yesterday pursuant to a criminal complaint charging him with committing health care fraud.

According to the complaint, PERKINS used the identity of his deceased brother to obtain a new Social Security number. He then used his brother’s identity, along with the Social Security Number to obtain Medicaid benefits. The complaint states that on multiple occasions since December 2009, PERKINS caused a bill of service to be submitted to Medicaid for goods, services, and care he received while using his brother’s identity and the new Social Security Number, including at pharmacies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Jefferson, Louisiana. The complaint further alleges that PERKINS contacted a Medicaid analyst by telephone and requested to be recertified for Medicaid benefits, in the name of his deceased brother, within the past several days.

Currently, PERKINS has other charges pending against him in Case Number 09-178 in the Eastern District of Louisiana for defrauding the federal government out of more than $300,000 in Hurricane Katrina-related funds as well as Social Security fraud.