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Pennsylvania Unemployment Fraud Lawyer December 10, 2014

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Pennsylvania Unemployment Fraud Lawyer

Unemployment fraud remains a big issue in Pennsylvania. In fact, prosecution for unemployment fraud in Pennsylvania has been picking up over the last few years. All indications point to these people completely mishandling their cases. See unlike normal crimes where the police are called and make an immediate arrest, unemployment fraud in Pennsylvania may unravel slowly. There is no emergency here and the person being investigated will likely be told that they are under investigation. As a result, this allows the target of the investigation to hire an attorney and defend the case before they are even charged! Those that do so stand a great chance of never being prosecuted.

So why then are so many prosecuted? Well the problem here is that a common defense mechanism is to tell yourself that this is no big deal and that this will all just go away. In other words, people tend to just stick their heads in the sand and not deal with it. This is in no way a strategy. The investigation will not just go away. Still other people think that they can just talk themselves out of this bad situation. As a result, they give Pennsylvania the information necessary to convict them. Do not be like these people.

If you have any indication that you are under investigation for unemployment fraud, that you will be charged or that you have been charged, call us ASAP. Our team of tough, smart defense lawyers can help you no matter where you are at in Pennsylvania. We can either meet with you in one of our offices near Philadelphia or we can handle everything right over the phone. Our consultations are always free so call us anytime. Our unemployment fraud defense lawyers are available 24/7.


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