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Are you being sued by Joe Hand Promotions? November 30, 2014

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Joe Hand Promotions is a company that handles the majority of the UFC PPV distribution.  For the last few years, they have filed hundreds of lawsuits against businesses across the country, usually bars and restaurants.  In 2011 alone, they filed 515 lawsuits across the country.   The allegation is that the defendant has shown a boxing fight without the required permission to do so.  Although the average price of a UFC fight may be $50 for someone at home, bars and other public places may have to pay thousands.  To avoid this, some businesses just order it as if they are at home and then display the fight sometimes even charging a cover charge.

They get caught because investigators go into the businesses to take a head count and pictures.  They write a report that is then forwarded to a law firm so that a lawsuit can be prepared. There is usually no warning that such a suit may be filed.  Your first notice of a lawsuit from Joe Hand Promotions may be service of the lawsuit itself.  This gives you little time to resolve this matter.  Before you agree to any settlement offer, call us first!  Too many businesses have been scared into agreeing to large settlement because they did not speak to a copyright infringement lawyer.

This firm has successfully helped clients avoid serious penalties for copyright infringement including pirating UFC fights.  If you have been contacted by a lawyer representing Joe Hand Promotions Sports or any other entity alleging that you have pirated a PPV UFC match, please contact our office right away to discuss your legal rights.  Our team of tough, smart lawyers can help defend you.


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