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Philadelphia EUO Lawyers June 14, 2014

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An Examination Under Oath, or EUO can lead to serious consequences.  You are not required to have a lawyer and you will not be provided with a lawyer.  The insurance company will have a lawyer present so going into an EUO in Philadelphia without your own lawyer can quickly become a disaster.  A lawyer can help make sure that a procedural issue doesn’t lead to a denial of your insurance claim.  A lawyer will also make sure that you are not taken advantage of.  While every case is different, it is rarely expensive to hire a lawyer to represent you for an EUO.  

So one you have determined that you want to retain an attorney, the question is who to retain?  It could be tough to find a lawyer that is knowledgeable about examinations under oath.  That’s why we created our EUO website.  You can not only learn about the EUO process but you can learn about us as well.  Use the link directly below to access our EUO website.

Philadelphia EUO Lawyers


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