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Somerset County Man Charged with Stealing Nearly $100,000 December 26, 2010

Posted by jefhenninger in News.

Stephen Locrotondo, 51, of Bridgewater, was indicted on December 22, 2010 by a Union County grand jury on charges of second-degree theft by deception and second-degree issuing bad checks.  The indictment alleges that between Oct. 14 and Oct. 27, 2006, Locrotondo stole $100,000 from a friend by giving her the false impression that he would invest the $100,000 on her behalf and would provide a “good return” on her investment within two weeks.  The indictment further alleges that Locrotondo subsequently wrote his friend a personal check in the amount of $100,000, knowing that there were not enough funds in his bank account. At the same time, Loctrondo wrote the woman a check for $8,000. The woman received payment on the $8,000 check, for which there were adequate funds, but it is alleged that she never received any other payment from Locrotondo.

I realize that there are a number of facts missing from this story, but the State has to have more to show that this is a crime and not a civil case.  You have to wonder what was left out of the press release and why?

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