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Atlantic City Councilman gets into PTI over the State’s objection August 24, 2009

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This is an interesting situation.  The State AG’s office did not want Atlantic City Councilman John Schultz to get into the Pre-Trial Intervention Program but the Atlantic County Prosecutor was ok with it and the Judge let him in.  You don’t see too many disputes between the AG’s office and the local county prosecutor in New Jersey. 

Schultz was set to go to trial next month with regard to an alleged scheme orchestrated by former Atlantic City council President Craig Callaway to blackmail Councilman Eugene Robinson, who was lured to a motel room and secretly taped having sex with a prostitute. Callaway’s brothers — Ronald Callaway, and former city public works director David Callaway — and Floyd Tally were also charged.  Craig Callaway pleaded guilty and is serving a three-year sentence.  The others maintain their innocence.

Callaway admitted that he and others hired a prostitute to lure Robinson to a motel in neighboring Absecon where they had hidden a clock radio with a hidden video camera connected to a recorder in the next room.

The others will stand trial and Schultz will testify against them.  This set up will actually work out great for the State because it will be tough for the defense attorneys to argue that his testimony is skewed by his desire to get  good deal.

Story is here.


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