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Morris County corrections officer faces prison on charges he was paid by inmate in jail March 4, 2009

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Lee Maimone, a Morris County corrections officer allegedly worked out a deal with an inmate to receive $60,000 in exchange for unspecified preferential treatment.  Apparently, he only received partial payment.  As a result, he is charged with second degree official misconduct.  

The investigation was led by the New Jersey State Police Official Corruption Unit, Division of Criminal Justice, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office with help from the Morris County Sheriff’s Office.

Should be interesting to find out how they were tipped off to this in the first place and what evidence they have on him.  First, this has to get moved out of Morris County.  I don’t see how he could get a fair trial or fair treatment there.  Second, the main defense here is entrapment assuming the evidence is strong.  Of course, you have to look at when the inmate became involved with the State.  Although the inmate does not work for the State, if he acted under the color of law and entrapped the officer, then the defense has a chance.  The inmate will likely have credibility problems as well.

Should be rather interesting.  Story is here.  Hopefully he gets a good attorney.


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