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Toppan Printing Company employee charged with stealing over $100,000 May 7, 2009

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David Hathaway, of Newton, New Jersey is charged with stealing $118,178.38 from his employer, Toppan Printing Company.  The Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office alleges that between December 2007 and December 2008, Hathaway created a fake company called ANZ Services Inc., which did business as A2Z Services.  He allegedly wrote 10 checks to this company which was not discovered until March when Merrill Lynch, one of Toppan’s customers, noticed that Toppan had billed them $10,913.03 for work that was never done.

The good news is that Hathaway is looking at “flat time” so the goal here is to get him a “3 flat” at worst, or probation at best.  Of course, that is not to say that he is guilty although I would really like to see his explanation for this.  I would also want to know more about where the money went.  Did it stay in an account and do nothing?  Was it used by him to buy nice things?  Did he claim it on his taxes?  What was this company suppose to be actually doing?

Should be an interesting case.  It is clear that the checks were written, so like most white collar crime cases, this case will boil down to intent and/or whether or not Hathaway has a good story to tell.

Story is here.