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New Jersey Civil Service Appeals December 10, 2014

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New Jersey Civil Service Appeals

Our New Jersey Civil Service appeals will fight for you against the NJ Civil Service Commission and local service appeals. We can help fire fighters, police officers, corrections officers and employees of all number of state agencies. In fact, one of our tough, smart civil service lawyers was recently named man of the year by one of the local FOP’s.

Our NJ defense lawyers can help you with removals from the civil service list, if you are facing minor discipline or major discipline, medical and psychological removal cases, residency appeals, and examination appeals for entry position and promotional titles.

Our employment attorneys represent civil servants at all levels from state to county, local government, public school and college employees. Our team of tough, smart lawyers are experienced with public employment law. Unlike other firms that focus on law suits and other employment issues, our focus is solely on civil servants and their fights with the Civil Service Commission. If you are facing any type of civil service issue, call our team of tough, smart employment lawyers today. Our initial consultations are free.