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Eight arrested for unemployment fraud in New Jersey June 10, 2014

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Eight people have recently been arrested for allegedly committing unemployment fraud in New Jersey.  To many, unemployment fraud seems like a victimless crime.  They think that if they just pay the money back, they won’t be arrested.  However, this story shows that New Jersey takes unemployment fraud seriously and that people do get arrested for these crimes.  The following people have been arrested:

Edward Soto
Jessica Soto
Theodore Campbell
Diana Campbell
Nado Shaw
Russell Garrett
Kurt ohlson
Donna Ohlson

In each case, authorities say the defendants certified that they were “physically able to work” and “available to go to work immediately,” when in fact they were in jail and therefore not eligible to receive benefits.  These eight defendants represent the first round of prosecutions resulting from referrals from the Department of Labor and the ongoing investigative efforts of the Division of Criminal Justice.  Thus, more arrests are expected.

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Story is here.

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