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Cohen gets to see his child pornography again September 18, 2009

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In a victory for defense attorneys in New Jersey, the New Jersey Supreme Court denied cert with regard to the App Div’s decision that was rather ground breaking.  In State v. Neil Cohen, the App Div finally said that defense counsel can view, in the privacy of their offices, the child pornography at issue in the case. 

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the argument from the State.  The State’s job is to make the defense’s job as difficult as possible.  Justice be damned.  That is all it is about.  I doubt any defense attorneys really need to see this child porn any more than it is necessary.  However, there is a need to view this in a professional manner away from the prying eyes of the State so that you can defend your client.  Thankfully, it is finally permitted.  Maybe some of these cases will actually go to trial. 

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