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Colts Neck High School students accused of counterfeiting money April 14, 2009

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Two Colts Neck, New Jersey high school students are accused of counterfeiting money and then selling the fake bills to classmates.  The suspects, whose names have not been released are a 16-year-old sophomore and 17-year-old junior at the school.  Police are still trying to figure out how much money is alleged to have been sold.

Colts Neck Police Department Detective Sgt. Joseph Whitehead said the pair  sold fake $10s and $20s in exchange for real cash in smaller denominations.  Some of the money was used in the school cafeteria.  The workers there discovered the fake money and told school administrators, who called police.

Luckily, the pair is just charged with forgery.  While it could have been worse, I hope that their parents get good attorneys to deal with this.  Their is a myth that juvenile crime is no big deal because nothing bad can happen to them.  First, juveniles can and do go to jail/prison.  Second, a juvenile criminal record can have a serious impact on the person’s future contrary to the view that what happens in juvenile court, stays in juvenile court. 

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