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Carlstadt Mayor William Roseman and his ex-wife charged with conspiracy, theft by deception and official misconduct May 29, 2009

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Carlstadt Mayor William Roseman and his ex-wife, Lori Lewin were divorced in July of 2000.  Prosecutors allege that Roseman failed to notify the town’s benefits administrator that the couple divorced in July 2000.  Ok, but is that really a crime?  Prosecutors  believe so as they have been indicted on  charges of conspiracy, theft by deception and official misconduct.

Since they charged the two with conspiracy, that means that there has to have been some type of agreement that this occur instead of this being an accident. Prosecutors also allege that Lewin obtained prescription benefits in excess of $7,000 through January 2008 and received medical benefits through 2003.  That is more of  a problem for her as she should have known that she was not entitled to benefits.  But how does Roseman benefit from this?  As a defense attorney, it sounds like there are some great issues here for trial unless the State has some damaging evidence.

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