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Responding to Bureau of Fraud Deterrence Consent Order December 9, 2014

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Responding to Bureau of Fraud Deterrence Consent Order

State agencies, such as the Bureau of Fraud Deterrence, Department of Banking and Insurance must provide with notice that you are under investigation. This notice will advise you that they may file a civil action against you for violating the Fraud Act, N.J.S.A. 17:33A-4. In addition to a civil penalty for violating the Fraud Act, you could be facing criminal charges. When you receive such a notice, they will also provide you with a consent order. The consent order clearly indicates that it does not preclude prosecution. Thus, you could wind up signing the consent order, paying a lot of money and still get arrested.

If you have received a notice that indicates that you are under investigation by the Bureau of Fraud Deterrence, you should talk to a New Jersey fraud defense lawyer before you do or say anything. OUr fraud defense lawyers know how to craft aggressive defenses to you case. It doesn’t matter how guilty you may think you are, our attorneys know how to build a proper defense. Saying or doing anything on your own could lead to a prosecution and/or you could give up some very important rights.

To discuss your Bureau of Fraud Deterrence with one of our NJ defense lawyers, call us to discuss your case today. Our initial consultations are free and we are available every day.