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Blagojevich says he’ll stay put (and keep his leverage) December 20, 2008

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In case you missed it, Blagojevich made a very short statement today. Basically he says he did nothing wrong. Normally I can’t stand when lawyers put clients in front of the media (see Drew Peterson) as it does nothing but keep the story going; but in this case, I think it makes sense.

He needs all the leverage he can get and since this involves Obama’s seat, the story is going to be hot regardless of whether he talks to the press. If this case is going to plea out, resigning could be part of the deal. If he left now, that would be off the table.

Normally, I wouldn’t mention these big national stories, but this one could get interesting. His defense seems like it will be walking the fine line of the law on conspiracy because there was no “overt act”. Watch for an indictment. if he gets indicted, the US Attorney will be sure they have a really good case. He is undefeated in these types of cases as most US Attorneys are.