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New Jersey Parental Alienation Lawyers March 12, 2017

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New Jersey Parental Alienation Lawyers

Parental alienation is very serious.  If you do not fight it right away, it can get out of hand.  When it does, it can be very difficult to reverse.  If you cannot reverse it, you’ll become another statistic.  Our lawyers have seen it all too often.  Your best best is to hire a lawyer that has experience with parental alienation at the first sign of trouble.

Of course, this type of fight is not easy, quick or cheap.  You will need to a clear plan to win this battle.  It may require numerous motions before the judge really gets it.  You may also need to hire experts.  Keep in mind that parental alienation syndrome is controversial.  Instead of focusing on the label, our lawyers often suggest that you focus on the behavior.  Demonstrate every thing that the other parent is doing in a matter of fact way.  Fight back every time the other parent violates the court order.

For more information visit our parental alienation website at http://fightparentalalienation.com



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