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Defense against Pressler and Pressler December 7, 2014

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Defense against Pressler and Pressler
Pressler and Pressler is one of most aggressive collections law firms in New Jersey. If they are coming after you for a debt, no matter how legitimate, our team of collections defense lawyers can help you. When were enter our appearance with them, all communication will have to go through us. That alone should buy you some piece of mind.

If the case is not yet in court, we will work with Pressler & Pressler to try to keep the case out of court. We will first validate the debt and if it is valid and they have a good case, we will work out a payment plan or some other resolution that you are looking for. If they can’t prove the debt is valid, we will try to get the case closed without you having to pay anything.

If Pressler & Pressler has already taken you to court, then we will fight for you in court to get the case dismissed.

To discuss your case with Pressler & Pressler with one of our collections defense lawyers, call us today. Our initial consultations are free.


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