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NJ DCPP Investigations Attorney December 6, 2014

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NJ DCPP Investigations Attorney
If you are facing a DCPP investigation, you should consult with a defense lawyer immediately. Doing so will not make DCPP think that you are guilty. Look at it this way, if they are going to think you are guilty, they probably think that already. Anything you say or do can and will likely be used against you. That’s why you need someone to speak for you and that’s what we do. Of course, we do more than that.

Our team of tough and aggressive DCPP investigation lawyers can help you make DCPP leave you alone. We will advise them that all communication will go through us. You will not go anywhere, talk to anyone or take any tests unless we sign off on it first. We then work with them to try to get the case closed right away and to make sure that they don’t bring you to court.

If the DCPP case worker is bothering you and you want to have them leave you alone, call our DCPP defense lawyers today for a free consultation. We’ll let you know how we can help you so that DCPP stays out of your life. We will help you shut down their investigation so that you do not get brought to court.


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