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Are you being sued by J&J Sports November 30, 2014

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J&J Sports

J&J Sports is a company that handles the distribution of boxing PPV matches across the country.  They have filed thousands of lawsuits over the last few years across the country.  While they handle more than just Floyd Mayweather fights, most of the lawsuits we have seen have involved Floyd Mayweather.  Bars, restaurants and other business must pay thousands of dollars to display such a fight.  However, some of them just pay the regular home rate of about $50.  This is copyright infringement and companies such as J&J Sports aggressively fight against this by filing lawsuits and demanding large sums of money to settle the case.

If you have received a lawsuit filed by a lawyer on behalf of J&J Sports then call us before you do or say anything.  Anything you say can be used against you.  This firm has successfully helped clients avoid serious penalties for copyright infringement.  Please contact our office right away to discuss your legal rights.  Our team of tough, smart lawyers can help defend you against these allegations.


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