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Are you being sued by J&J Sports? November 30, 2014

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J&J Sports is a company that  handles the distribution of boxing PPV matches across the country.  In 2011, they have filed over 700 lawsuits against businesses across the country alleging copyright infringement.  The allegations is that the business at issue did not pay the required fee to show the fight.  While the average price of a boxing PPV fight may be $50 for someone at home, bars and other public places may have to pay thousands of dollars.  To avoid this, some businesses just order it as if they are at home and then display the fight.  They get caught because investigators will go to the business and take pictures that prove that the fight is being shown.  They also take numerous head counts to indicate how many people are there.  This investigator then writes a report and forwards it to a lawyer who will file suit on behalf of J&J Sports.

As a result, you may have received a lawsuit filed by a lawyer on behalf of J&J Sports.  This may be followed up with a phone call or letter demanding thousands of dollars to settle the case or else face fines even higher than that.  Before you do or say anything, you need to speak to an attorney.  Our team of tough, smart lawyers have helped  clients avoid serious penalties for copyright infringement.  Please contact our office right away to discuss your legal rights.


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