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New York Unemployment Fraud Lawyer June 14, 2014

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Much like other states around the country, New York is cracking down on unemployment fraud.  Our New York Unemployment Fraud Lawyers have successfully helped clients with unemployment fraud cases.  However, you cannot just wait to see what will happen.  You should call an attorney as soon as you receive a notice from that you are under investigation.  If you do not handle this the right way, you can be charged with grand larceny.  Take the example of Shawn Gloster.  He was arrested for for allegedly stealing about $15,000 in unemployment benefits.  That’s not a large amount either.  Others before him have been arrested as well.  That story is here.

If you are under investigation for unemployment fraud in New York, call us at 732-773-2768 to discuss your case with one of our aggressive New York Unemployment Fraud Lawyers.   


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