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Ex-Iowa Official Guilty in Gay Marriage Fraud Case May 11, 2013

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A former Iowa court official pleaded guilty Monday to forgery for filing false documents to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple.
Former Grundy County deputy clerk Brigitte Van Nice received a fine and a suspended sentence after entering the guilty pleas to perjury and forgery charges.
Van Nice was arrested and suspended from her job in October after investigators discovered that she issued a license last year the coup.e
Prosecutors say Van Nice issued them a license after she filed documents falsely claiming she had officiated a Valentine’s Day wedding for the couple and faked two witness signatures. Van Nice falsely told colleagues that she had met the men at a truck stop. The men discovered the fraud months later, when one of them contacted an attorney to seek a divorce. The attorney was suspicious because the men had never been to Iowa and Van Nice mailed the application materials from her home, not the courthouse. The attorney contacted authorities asking for an investigation.

Story is here.

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