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Did you get a letter from Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman, Goggin? June 24, 2012

Posted by jefhenninger in My Cases.

Did you get a letter from Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman, Goggin about an insurance claim?

Chances are, they are looking to conduct an examination under oath, otherwise known as an EUO.  They work for insurance companies and business model of some insurance companies is to take in money and avoid paying any out.  Of course, this is the basic business model for all insurance companies.  However, some charge higher premiums and with those come easier and higher payouts.  Like anything else, there is a big market for cheap insurance.  After all, who is paying for those constant insurance commercials you see on TV?  You are!  Insurance companies do everything they can to keep the money flowing one way:  in.

So, if you have a claim and the insurance company doesn’t want to pay out on it, they will higher a lawyer.  Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman, Goggin is just one of many law firms representing insurance companies.  We have dealt with them in many case and have had a lot of success in working with clients to guide them through the EUO.  However, I am sure that there have been many people who went in and without a lawyer and were denied.  This can lead to a disaster since you will then be on the hook for to fix the damage to a house, replace a car, etc.

By hiring a lawyer to represent you, the entire tone of the case will likely change right away.  This is the case with just about every legal matter.  Since you know nothing about the law or the system, you essentially get punished for not having a lawyer.  Hiring an experienced insurance claims / insurance fraud lawyer puts you on equal footing with the insurance company.  Your attorney handling the EUO will also make sure that you comply with the policy 100%.  Most people don’t realize that the insurance policy is set up so that it is completely one sided: against you!

Hiring an attorney for an examination under oath can also help you avoid insurance fraud charges.  If an insurance company feels that you have committed fraud, they will often refer the case to law enforcement.  Clearly, if fraud is committed, the insurance company does not have to pay out anything on the claim.  Thus, they have a strong interest in putting a fraud case together to deny coverage completely.

Regardless of your circumstances, if you have been contacted by Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman, Goggin or any other lawyers requesting an examination under oath, call us right away at 732-773-2768.  Anything you do (or fail to do) or say can be used against you and result in a denial of the claim.



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