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Michael Ritacco could be days away from being arrested as two “flip” on him as part of plea deal October 18, 2010

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Frank D’Alonzo, a former administrator for the Toms River Regional School District, and Frank Cotroneo, an insurance broker, pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to participating in a scheme to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to an unnamed “executive employee” of the school district.  According to the Asbury Park Press, sources indicated the obvious: this unnamed executive is Michael Ritacco. 

Ritacco’s lawyer, Jerome A. Ballarotto, said there “is not a shred of evidence,” to support D’Alonzo’s and Cotroneo’s statements, but really, what else is he going to say.   As a former US attorney, he knows what he is doing and it seems like this case is headed right to trial.  And again, why not?  Ritacco is the big fish (along with Gartland) and he is not a young man.  Any conviction will keep him in prison for many years to come. 

According to the APP story, it seems like this was a large and long-lasting conspiracy.  Thus, it will be interesting to see who else is involved in this case and whether or not they will also flip on Ritacco.  If you wanted to place your bet, odds are great that Ritacco will be in prison at some point in the future.  The only real question now is when and how he gets there, plea or trial?  The time for a fall on the sword type of plea and to bring down the whole ship with you has more or less passed.  As a result, my second bet is for trial. 

Story is here

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