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New Jersey IRS Audit Attorney & CPA Help June 23, 2010

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Are you facing an IRS tax audit in New Jersey?  Criminal and civil penalties arising from the audit can devastate you life.  A criminal tax attorney can help you stay out of prison and avoid high civil penalties.  A CPA can manage the audit and reduce liability for a low cost.  When an attorney and CPA team up to defend you against the IRS, you increase the chances of success so you can move on with your life.

I have teamed up with a great CPA that specializes in IRS tax audits.  Together, we can help you avoid criminal charges of tax evasion, failure to file tax returns, willfully failing to pay estimated tax or keep records and tax fraud.  We can also lower any civil penalties and money owed to the government. 

Responding to an Income Tax Examination

A letter from the IRS indicating that you are subject to an income tax examination, otherwise known as an audit notice, may be one of the worst letters you ever receive.  Seeking professional help right away can make the difference between success and disaster.  An audit does not have to be scary and expensive when you have the right help.  Call my team today to fight back against the IRS.

Selecting the right team to represent you for an IRS audit

The “person” that always handles your tax returns may not be the right person to go to.  After all, can this person represent you if you are arrested on criminal tax charges?  Not quite.  What about that lawyer on TV that promises to settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar?  Why don’t you google IR-2004-130 to see what the IRS has to say about that?  It may be a scam.  Regardless, do you want to deal with someone who you can never meet?

I think a team approach of local people you can trust can provide you with total protection which can drastically increase your chances of success.  As a criminal defense attorney that handles tax evasion and fraud charges, I know what it takes to fight for my clients and keep them out of trouble.  The CPA works with specializes in audits and has a great track record of reducing liabilities.  Together, we will fight for you to provide a cost effective solution and total piece of mind for you and your family.  If this IRS criminal tax lawyer-CPA team approach sounds like the right team for you, call us today to discuss your case.


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