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Client gets ripped off and sold out June 14, 2010

Posted by jefhenninger in Misc..

I am representing a client now on a non-criminal matter but we began discussing his recent criminal case.  I got so upset that I just had to write about it.  I’ve heard many stories about people getting sold out from free or cheap attorneys.  That is nothing new.  What’s even worse though is when you pay out the nose and still get sold out.

This client had a business dispute with his family member who pressed criminal charges against him.  His family hired an attorney for him.  The attorney charged the client and the family almost $10,000.  So you think that this guy would get great service right?

While these charges were felonies, they were not that serious.  Thus, a $10,000 retainer was rather steep, especially for this attorney who was not known as a heavy hitter.  Instead of fighting for the client, this attorney had him plea out and take probation.  Guess what would have probably happened if he had a free attorney, went to trial and admitted to everything on the witness stand? Probation.

So, this client and his family paid almost $10,000 to do what he could have done for free.  Not only do you have to make sure that you don’t get a cheap attorney that will sell you out, but make sure you don’t get an expensive attorney that will also rip you off in the process.

For much less money (and I am far from a cheap attorney) I probably could have gotten the felony charges dismissed or I would have taken the case to trial.


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