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Van Pelt testifies at his own trial May 11, 2010

Posted by jefhenninger in News.

Looks like Van Pelt’s lawyers have some guts.  The media seems shocked that Van Pelt testified but I think that is because they are just so used to lawyers with no guys.  You have nothing to lose by putting Van Pelt up there.  He is clearly a bright guy and he should make a good witness. 

I really need to hear Van Pelt explain away the cash payment.  If he can explain that away, he has a great shot.  The Government doesn’t seem to have any evidence that Van Pelt did anything to help Dwek here, just the allegation that he was going to.  But I keep having to come back to the meeting at the diner and the lack of paperwork associated with the cash payment.  That just doesn’t make any sense if this is legit.  If everyone here is a real, legit businessman, why can’t they meet at an office, sign contracts and pay with a check?  If I’m the Government, that’s my whole argument to the jury.

Story is here.


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