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Dwek stands up to cross examination in Van Pelt Trial May 10, 2010

Posted by jefhenninger in News.

Based upon the news reports, it seems that Solomon Dwek is holding up well in cross examination.  The defense seems to be trying to paint him as a desperate man that will do anything to bribe public officials in an effort to save himself.   Since a lot of this is on video, I’m not sure I would go with this strategy if my client was taking the stand.  I assume Daniel Van Pelt is not going to take the stand even though he probably should.

Through cross examination, it seems like Dwek is getting to testify as to many issues that I find objectionable.  For example, Dwek reportedly said “I walked away from 15-20 other honest public servants”.  How do you know these people are honest?  Who asked him for his opinion on why someone else did something?

According to app.com:

The line of questioning from Gilberti appears intent on establishing that at no time did Van Pelt actually ask for a bribe from Dwek. Moreover, Gilberti contends, Van Pelt did not display any signs of paranoia in Dwek’s company in public, which one would expect from an individual engaged in criminal activity. The defense has argued that Van Pelt believed he had been retained as a paid consultant for Dwek.

That may make sense if your client testifies, but otherwise, the jury is going to be left with some major questions such as:  where is the agreement or even any paperwork to show that this payment was made?, why was it paid in cash?, why were these meetings in a diner?  These are all questions that the jury will have to deal with unless Van Pelt can explain them away.

Story is here.


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