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Confusion over split verdict in Leona Beldini trial February 12, 2010

Posted by jefhenninger in News.

Check out this article that is written by the AP.  I don’t get it.  Yes, the jury’s verdict is odd but that’s what juries do.  I can’t see how any of this can be blamed on Dwek.  While I didn’t watch the trial, I did not agree with Brian Neary’s tactic of trying to tear down Dwek and not showing his client as a real human being.  The videos that Dwek recorded shifted the focus on Beldini and away from Dwek’s credibility. 

Beldini should have taken the stand and explained to the jury what her interpretation of these video taped meetings were.  Show her as a real person.  Let her break down and cry.  Let the Government try to beat her down.  The jury would view her as a human being and be upset with the Government for being so harsh with her. 

As I said yesterday, Dwek will be a much better witness the next go round.  He stood up to brutal cross  examination and I doubt the other attorneys left on the case could match it even with the transcripts in hand.  Of  course, they would be stupid to try to improve on a strategy that failed.  If there are videos, the defendant has to explain them away.

Another article is here.  I think this article is much better as it is more detailed unlike the other article from the AP.  The best part about it is the quote from the juror.  I read this after writing 90% of this post and yesterday’s post.  I think it just goes to show that I was right.  You can’t beat up on Dwek all day and hope that will carry you to victory.  I had a fraud case where the State had an very strong case against my client.  I put him on the stand and the jury loved him.  He did great because I prepped him well and the jury came back not guilty in 90 minutes.  The jury waived good bye to the two of us as they left.  They loved him because I humanized him.


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