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New Jersey Tax Fraud Lawyer January 31, 2010

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New Jersey Tax Fraud Lawyer

In New Jersey, tax fraud can be prosecuted on either the State or Federal level.  If you even think that you are under investigation for tax fraud, you should have a team of New Jersey tax fraud lawyers on your side to protect you.  Anything you say can and will be used against you!  Waiting to call a good NJ tax fraud attorney can make things worse.  Our New Jersey defense lawyers have found that getting involved in tax fraud cases early often leads to great results!

In New Jersey, tax fraud cases can include:  Federal IRS, FBI and state investigations, charges of failure to report earnings and income, tax fraud charges in relation to money laundering charges, failure to submit payroll  and sales tax, tax evasion, trust fraud, non-filings, unfiled returns, false tax returns, tax audits, unreported income, off-the-books income and filing false tax returns.

With 10 offices in New Jersey, our tax fraud defense attorneys are easy to reach from anywhere in New Jersey.  If you have received a notice from the IRS that you are under investigation or you have received a subpoena for records as either a tax filer or a tax preparer, call the tough team of NJ tax fraud attorneys today.


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