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Bank Employee Charged with Stealing Money January 31, 2010

Posted by jefhenninger in News.

Mary M. Knecht has been charged with theft, embezzlement, and misapplication by a bank employee. The Government alleges that Knecht embezzled approximately $750,000 from First Keystone National Bank of Berwick, Pennsylvania, where she worked as an accounting administrator.

Knecht allegedly began stealing from First Keystone in or around January 1992 through December 2009. The indictment alleges that Knecht fraudulently diverted and transferred funds from the bank’s internal general ledger accounts to personal First Keystone accounts that she controlled, using fraudulent bank cashier’s checks, deposit slips, debit and credit memoranda, and other documents to carry out and cover-up the thefts.


1. eyebrowraised - February 2, 2010

Talk about an dumb bank. Not to mention how stupid the auditor had to be. Do we want these people holding our money for us?

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