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NJ Computer Crime Lawyer January 30, 2010

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New Jersey Computer Crime Lawyer

Computer crimes in New Jersey are often very serious offenses even though they are non-violent offenses.  Worst yet is that the State’s case is rarely tested as some lawyers in New Jersey do not have the training and experience necessary to properly defend against these allegations.  Our team of tough, smart New Jersey computer crime attorneys have the training, experience and toughness to fight for you and your family. 

New Jersey Child Pornography Attorneys

The vast majority of computer crime in New Jersey is related to child pornography.  Although the allegation is child pornography, the crime itself is called endangering the welfare of a child.  While possession of child pornography in New Jersey is a 4th degree felony, most defendants are charged with distribution of child pornography which is a second degree crime in New Jersey which carries prison time, Megan’s Law and parole supervision for life.  No matter what the charges are, our New Jersey computer crimes attorneys will fight for you!  Call us to discuss your case.

NJ Computer Crimes Lawyers with Experience

Our New Jersey computer crimes attorneys have been features in the New York Times, the Asbury Park Press, the Home News Tribune, Court TV, Champion Magazine, blogs and other media.  Our computer crimes lawyers have also lectured on computer crime, computer hacking, identity theft and computer forensics.  Jef Henninger, Esq. has also been published in the Santa Clara Law & Technology Journal.  Pur our experience to work for you by calling our New Jersey computer crime lawyers today.


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