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New Jersey Child Pornography Lawyers January 30, 2010

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New Jersey Child Pornography Attorneys

If you are charged with a child pornography offense in New Jersey, our lawyers will fight for you in any court.  In New  Jersey there are two primary child pornography offenses:  Possession of Child Pornography and Distribution of Child Pornography. 

Possession of Child Pornography

In New Jersey, Possession of Child Pornography is treated as a very serious offense even though it is only a fourth degree felony.  If you are even suspected of possession of child pornography, call our New Jersey defense lawyers right away.  Anything you say can and will be used against you no matter how innocuous it may seem.  If you find child pornography on your computer, call a child pornography defense lawyer to help you handle the situation.  Deleting the file may leave it on your computer which  opens you up to criminal liability!

Distribution of Child Pornography

In New Jersey, most defendants are charged with distribution of child pornography due to law enforcement’s use of peer-to-peer (p2p) programs to find people with child pornography on their computes.  Our New Jersey lawyers have found  that many people charged with distribution of child pornography had no idea that they were allowing others to download it from them.  However, New Jersey law enforcement has been trying to turn this into a “strict liability offense” which means that you are guilty if it happened regardless of your intent or knowledge.  Our New Jersey child pornography attorneys think that this is ridiculous and we fight for our clients to get distribution charges dismissed!

With offices in Newark, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Woodbridge, East Brunswick, Princeton, Red Bank, Eatontown, Freehold and Toms River, our child pornography defense attorneys are easy to reach from anywhere in New Jersey.  Call us today to start the fight against your charges today!


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