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Man accused of identity theft and $270K loan scam January 27, 2010

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John Melchionna faces charges of theft by deception, identity theft and forgery for allegedly using money, obtained under the name of a business associate, to purchase real estate in Elizabeth. He then forged the associate’s name on mortgages to secure the loans.  He is also charged with running up about $300,000 in credit card charges between 2006 and 2008, on cards he obtained in the victim’s name.

Even though I do this for a living, I really don’t understand how this works sometimes.  I have a case just like this but the amount for fraud is probably over a million.  Does anyone care?  No.  I represent the victim and we called the police but they did nothing.  I emailed the reporter that wrote up this story to tell her about my client’s situation.   We’ll see what happens.

Story is here.


1. Check with Detective J. Moreto Manalapan Police Dept - January 30, 2010

This man has also stolen and forged numerous checks on a business in Manalapan NJ. Police Complaints have been filed during May /June 2009 with no apparent action being taken at this point. Here again in addition he has used another stolen AMEX card and no action is apparrent. Check With Detective Mreto Manalapan Police Dept

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