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New Jersey Embezzlement Attorney January 24, 2010

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New Jersey Embezzlement Attorney

Embezzlement is the act of dishonestly stealing assets, usually financial in nature (i.e. cash, checks, etc) by someone to to whom such assets have been entrusted.  In New Jersey, embezzlement can be prosecuted on either the State or Federal level.  In either case, a knowledgeable embezzlement defense lawyer should be consulted before saying or doing anything.

Unlike other theft crimes in New Jersey, embezzlement starts with the person legally coming into possession of the assets.  The person is entrusted to use these assets (money) for a specific purpose but instead, they convert it to their own use.  Thus, embezzlement is a type of financial fraud. For example, a cashier handling large sums of money can embezzle cash from his employer, a lawyer can embezzle funds from clients’ trust accounts, a financial advisor can embezzle funds from investors. In all cases, the people acquired the funds legally but then kept the funds for their own use. In New jersey, embezzlement may range from small amounts (such as a few dollars taken out of a cash register) to the immense, involving large sums and sophisticated schemes.

If you are charged with embezzlement in New Jersey, call our  embezzlement lawyers today.  With 10 offices in New Jersey, our team of tough, smart embezzlement attorneys are each to reach from anywhere in New Jersey.

Embezzlement is usually performed in a manner that is premeditated, systematic and methodical, with the explicit intent to conceal the activities from others because it is being done without their knowledge or consent. If successful,  an embezzlement scheme can continue for years without detection. It is often only when the funds are requested or if an audit is performed that the  victims realize the funds are missing.

In addition, embezzlement may start with an investigation from an employer and not law enforcement.  If your employer has informed you that you are under investigation for any theft related offense, call the NJ embezzlement lawyers before saying or doing anything.  With 10 offices in New Jersey, our team of tough, smart embezzlement attorneys are each to reach from anywhere in New Jersey.


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