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Operation Bid Rig 3 Update – 8th guilty plea in case December 2, 2009

Posted by jefhenninger in News.

Former Jersey City arson investigator Michael Manzo who was also an unsuccessful candidate for the city’s municipal council, pleaded guilty to one count of extortion conspiracy today.  He faces a sentence of about 10 to 16 months although its hard to know exactly where it will be in this post-Booker era. 

There is no indication  that I can find as to what type of deal Manzo cut with  regard to testifying against any of the other defendants.  However, with 8 guilty pleas already, I am sure you will see some of them taking the stand if these cases go to trial.

With this month just starting, I am almost 100% sure that you will see more pleas in this case this month.  At least one defendant doesn’t seem to have made much progress yet as he still seems to be attorney shopping.  I’m not dropping any names but I don’t see him going to trial even though he probably thinks he is.  We’ll see.

Speaking of trial, it seems like attorney Brian Neary is getting ready to his client, Leona Beldini, to trial.  Trial is scheduled for January but I think that time frame is wishful thinking at this point.   This month should be interesting.

Story is here.


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