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New Jersey Money Laundering Attorney November 28, 2009

Posted by jefhenninger in Misc..

Money Laundering is commonly charged on the Federal level but New Jersey has its own state money laundering offense that is starting to be used by prosecutors in drug and tax crimes.  If you have been charged with any money laundering offense or if you think you may be a target of a money laundering investigation, call the team of tough, smart attorneys that will fight for you!

Money laundering is defined as the process whereby the origin of dishonest and/or illegally obtained money is concealed so that it appears to come from a legitimate source.  On the Federal level, money laundering is prosecuted under 18 USC 1956 and 18 USC 1957.  On the New Jersey State level, it is prosecuted under NJSA 2C:21-25.   Regardless of whether it is prosecuted at the Federal or State level, our New Jersey money laundering defense lawyers will defend and protect you, your family and your reputation.

You can meet with our New Jersey money laundering attorneys in any one of our offices:  Newark, Jersey City, New Brunswick, Woodbridge, East Brunswick, Red Bank, Freehold, Eatontown and Toms River. Call our lawyers today to discuss your money laundering case or investigation.


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