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Ex-payroll clerk indicted for official misconduct September 22, 2009

Posted by tsclaw2209 in News.

Tanis Colelli, Highlands, New Jersey was a payroll clerk for the Atlantic Highlands borough Board of Education.  She is accused of creating an additional payroll account for herself and collecting multiple paychecks from it totaling about $11,500. 

Colelli resigned from her job some time ago after a random audit uncovered the additional payroll account. The school district notified local police of the inconsistencies in the account after a review of the information and interview of school personnel.  As a result, she was charged with second degree official misconduct; third-degree theft by deception, forgery and uttering a forged instrument; and fourth degree falsifying records.

Like all of these cases, I wonder if she has been able to get a good attorney.  I assume she hasn’t.  Some defense attorneys complain about the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office but I always work well with them.  If she had a good attorney, this case could have probably been worked out already.  I know because I have done it many times. 

However, (I’ll assume guilt for a second) when people steal money, there is usually a good reason they risk everything.  As a result, they don’t keep money around for an attorney and thus, the case rarely turns out well.  Unless a good attorney can get in there and turn this around, she’ll be in prison.

Story is here.


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