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Clients escape Medicaid Fraud charges in New York September 22, 2009

Posted by tsclaw2209 in My Cases.

Today was a great day as I worked out another great result for some really nice clients.  My clients, a husband and wife, applied for Medicaid in New York a few years ago.  Problem was, they indicated that they didn’t own any property when, in fact, they owned property in New Jersey. 

About a month or so ago, they received a letter from the New York City Human Resources Administration that indicated that they were the subjects of a Medicaid Fraud investigation.  As they already had the deed for the house, it didn’t look good on paper.  However, the clients had a good explanation but I knew that words wouldn’t cut it.

Even though my client’s owned the house on paper, their children were the defacto owners of the house as they lived there while the clients lived in New York.  The children paid for everything associated with the house and did not pay rent to the parents.  In order to make this go as easy as possible, I spent weeks working with the clients to get the documentation necessary to show that all of this was true.

I also spoke to the investigator ahead of time and worked much out with him.  As a result, when I showed up for the interview with the clients, everything went really smooth.  I was expecting the worse but it was great.  The investigators were happy that I had copies of all of the documents for them which they brought to their supervisor. 

Once criminal charges were off the table, we worked on a payment plan for the money that they owe since they were not eligible for Medicaid.  I worked out a 14 year, no-interest payment plan.  In addition, I shaved thousands off of the total amount that they owed.  In the settlement agreement, New York State agreed not to prosecute my client or take any other action against them.

It goes without saying that the clients were very, very happy.  If you are under investigation for Medicaid fraud in either New York or New Jersey, call me today.


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