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You need an attorney that has a plan, not just a fancy ad September 12, 2009

Posted by tsclaw2209 in My Cases.

Really nice client hired me this week with plenty of time for me to work out a good result.  However, this could have went bad if she stuck with her former attorney that didn’t seem to have a plan.  The funny thing is, I really like the firm she hired and was a little surprised that she was unhappy with them.

She received a letter from the State about a year ago that indicated that she was under investigation for insurance fraud.  She hired this firm because they had a big fancy ad that advertised white collar crime.  She reported that the attorney made a few calls and sent out a letter.  After that, he said the case was over and it appears that nothing else was done. 

Well the State did not agree that the case was over.  They spent the next year investigating the case and a few weeks ago, they sent out a grand jury subpoena.  Needless to say, she was very upset that this was sent to her when she was told the case was over.  I asked her if attorney did this or that and she said no, just a few calls and a letter.

I can’t repeat myself enough.  Your attorney needs a plan.  Trial prep needs to start today.  Investigations need to start today.  Of course, all of this will depend on how much the client can afford but this client had the money to really lock people into statements and review her files.  Had that been done, the attorney would  have probably found out that this case is not over by far.

Luckily for her, there is still plenty of time to resolve this.  I have hit the ground running researching the issues, reviewing all of her files, etc.


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