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Client waits to hire me and gets arrested as a result September 12, 2009

Posted by tsclaw2209 in My Cases.

I can’t repeat myself enough.  If you even think that you could be facing an investigation or arrest, call an attorney.  If your business partner has been arrested, call an attorney.  If your office, store, house, etc has been raided, call an attorney right  away!

My client, an owner of a car rental company had his NJ office raided a few weeks ago.  He lives in another state and he had a local attorney helping him out.  He waited a few weeks to call me.  Thankfully, he hired me right away instead of “thinking about it” or “talking  it over with his wife” “digesting it” o whatever phrase some people use to avoid hiring an attorney.  However, within hours he was arrested and now must spend several days in jail until he can be bailed out.

In his defense, he did call an attorney but not one in New Jersey.  His out of state attorney was in contact with the Detective but there was some miscommunication and the Detective felt as though he was being jerked around so he sent out the warrant and my client was picked up.  Had he called me a few days prior, I would have reached out to the Detective and worked out his surrender.  He would not have been in jail at all.


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