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Contractor arrested for theft by deception August 1, 2009

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Robert D. Hamway of Toms River, who is not a licensed contractor, was arrested and charged with theft by deception after allegedly taking money to fix a roof but never performing the work. 

These cases are common but in my opinion, most of them are not criminal cases.  Instead, they are civil cases where the customer does not want to go to civil court for a number of reasons.  While I have little to no facts here, my experience tells me that the customer got fed up at some point and asked for his money back.  However, Hamway may have dodged phone calls or told the customer that the money was on the way, when it never really was.  It is that conduct that occurs after the transaction that tends to push this into criminal court.

Story is here.


1. Joseph Nodine - August 6, 2009

absolutely not. More and more homeowners have become savy with the Consumer Fraud Laws along with this crazy law that got this guy arrested.
I represent many contractors as a business consultant and I can give you a long list of fraudelent claims made by homeowners, whom read something on the internet and now take advantage of any contractor available.

Joseph Nodine
C.B.P. Consulting

paul posey - October 29, 2009

I was just recently frauded, deceived and outright robbed of 40,000.00 from a man who presented himself as a licensed contractor, even had the license card, references checked out because it was predesigned and premeditated. This man got my information from BidClerk.com a suppossedly reputable company. I made no demands on this man but within 3 weeks he had taken 40,000.00 from me and he had only completed 15% of the home, had not paid any laborors, wrote a bad 1,900.00 check for the blue prints and what little work that was done was so shoddy, it would not pass inspection. How can you blame homeowners when they have the most to loose. Now everyone is looking to me for their money and will put liens on the land even though this evil scamster has been paid. I have discovered that he has a long history of this, was already on probation for bad checks, drugs, burglery and driving on revoked license. He had 2 probation officers and was still able to buy a vehicle with the bag of cash he got from my bank. It is an unbelievable situation and everyday I find out more. I ran background checks that came back clean. Again, his references checked out only because he was using Crack badly and no telling what he gave, promised and done for those who helped him scam me. All of this and the law tells me that it is a Civil matter and if I swear out a warrant, he can have me arrested for false imprisionment. He is in Jail but not because of this, it is because of all of the other and my 40,000.00 helped him get there by using more drugs and committing more crimes. How can you defend these scamsters that prey on the disabled, (me), the elderly and the ones actually believe people are good and make the mistake of trusting. As I said, the law is on the side of these criminals, if the home owner had failed the contract, easy does it, a lien can be placed on the property and cause constant nightmares. I have discovered a whole new world while investigating this and believe you me it isn’t the homeowners out running these scams, no one would risk loosing their home and constant trouble from these uncivilized, immoral and unscrupulous individuals that with every deed and crime, makes this world a more suspicious, untrusting, hateful and hellish place to live because they don’t want to actually work for their money. Are you on the right side of the fence?

whitecollarcrimenews - November 2, 2009

You read a lot more into the post than what is really there.

2. C.B.P. - November 10, 2009

Mr. Posey, a little research has determined that you are far from telling the truth………

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