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Fake attorney needs a real one June 25, 2009

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The Monmouth County Prosecutor alleges that Laurie Rieger of Chester, NJ formed a bogus company named PSL Consultation Group, LLC in the spring of 2005 and began accepting retainers. Even though she lived in Chester, her office was in Matawan.  If you are going to pretend to be an attorney, why would you give yourself a big commute?

She is also alleged to have identified herself as an attorney in private meetings and in court documents. She is also alleged to have appeared on behalf of clients in at least one municipal court in Monmouth County and at a child support hearing in the Monmouth County Superior Court in Freehold. 

She was arrested and charged with practicing law without a license,  a fourth-degree crime and theft by deception charge, a third degree crime.  I really don’t buy the theft charge right now.  I would have to see more information. 

Story is here.


1. Kenneth Wolman - August 1, 2009

I happen to despise Laurie Rieger for her nasty mouth and holier-than-thou attitude. However, she did not misrepresent herself to me as a lawyer. Rather she said she was Scott M. Kelly’s paralegal. She seemed to do all the heavy lifting on my case, which involved getting my (lifetime) alimony cut almost in half via consent decree.

The thing for which I cannot forgive her is telling me there was no reason for her to appear with me in court when I surrendered myself to. “Just tell Judge [Michael} Guadagno about the consent decree and he’ll release you.” I did that: but the judge said he didn’t care a damn about a consent decree, and had me incarcerated for 13 hours.

I learned later from Scott Kelly about Ms. Rieger’s various duplicities, but except for the failure to appear in court, I got what I overpaid for.

2. Kenneth Wolman - August 1, 2009

My error: I should have said “when I surrendered myself to the County to answer a bench warrant on alimony arrears.” That is the complete sentence and fills out the story.

3. Jerry - August 4, 2009

a big commute so she wouldnt have to bump into her community friends who know who she really is

did she state for the record she was a lawyer?…if court interpreters are allowed in court to help with language barriers, she couldn’t provide “assistance” to defendants?

clients did receive time and consideration for her services i would assume – in reference to the theft by deception charge…

Bryant - August 18, 2009

A big commute so she wouldnt bump into any friends? You are assuming that she has any friends. Mr Wolman summed it up when he listed his reasons for despising her. “Nasty mouth and Holier than thou attitude”. I just hope that the legal system does its job and puts her behind bars. Just think if you were one of the people that she had “represented” first she stole your retainer money, then to add insult to injury, your case is going to have to be re-tried, which will mean more money out of your back pocket, and having to find a new/real lawyer.

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