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Attorney Michael Rumore sentenced to 15 years in prison June 19, 2009

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I blogged about Michael Rumore several months ago.  He was sentenced today to 15 years in prison.  While state prosecutions for $4 million schemes do not take place every day, I can’t see how this 15 year sentence makes any sense.  I really don’t see how he could have done much worse at trial.  While the plea called for him to get 15 years, which is the minimum for the two charges he pled out to, I think that he could have done much better.

First of all, I would have probably held out for a better plea. Second, I would  really like to know if his attorney asked for less time.   Rumore could and probably should have got less time.  This guy had a bad addiction and while he doesn’t deserve a medal, it should mitigate the punishment here.  There is a big difference between someone who screws people over for financial gain versus someone who has a serious addiction.  I would have had Rumore evaluated by a psych with a  written report to bring down both the plea and sentence but that’s just how I do things.


1. Linda Percoco - August 5, 2009

I agree that the man had a serious addiction, but the fallout from his addiction has become a tidal wave in the industry. First of all I was one of the “chosen” title agents who provided him with a title commitment for most of these transactions. Since he chose to feed his addiction with the funds from these closings, the claims have been pouring in to the Title Underwriters who have turned around and sued their own agent for their E & O insurance to recoup some of their funds! I now stand the chance of loosing my agency, being personally sued by my own underwriter, since I only have $1million in coverage, and no other insurance company will underwrite me because of this claim. Six people will be on unemployment and I have spent every dime I have trying to protect myself in this bogus lawsuit.

So, yes, this man has an addiction, but I have one also. I’m addicted to trying to make a living for myself, my family and my employees who depend on me. For the past 20 years I woke up every morning wondering how I was going to make payroll. Now, thanks to Mr. Rumore it seems it won’t have that addiction for very long.

2. NJ Boy - December 27, 2012

So what ever happened to Michael Rumore.Does he have to serve his full sentence?

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