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New Jersey Dentist Accused of Prescription Violations June 18, 2009

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A complaint has been filed with the state Board of Dentistry by Attorney General Anne Milgram against  Gary Schneiderman for allegedly issuing1,880 doses of Percocet and 13 doses of Oxycontin to his girlfriend, who was not his patient.  Schneiderman is a former mayor of Livingston who practices in Jersey City.  He is also accused of providing the woman with blank prescriptions, knowing she would use them to obtain more of the painkillers.

This is a tough spot for Schneiderman because he wants to keep his license but at the same time, he will want to stay out of prison.  Anything he says in defense of these accusations can and will be used against him in a future criminal case.  He will need an attorney that can handle the criminal aspects of this in addition to the license issues.  It may even take two attorneys.

Story is here


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